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  This page is source of Education special for poor children who’s parents cannot afford Education expenditures. But they want their children get better education. Like those children who are getting Education in English medium high standard school.So we decide to help them through this page. Its our request all of you please donate for our future bright stars.   PAGE... Read More

Research Paper presentation in European Congress for Integrative Medicine (Dec.2010) on “The future of comprehensive patient health care”

drMahwish Nosheen “study on curative action of Arsenicum Album in 1M in Major Depression” ABSTRACT: Objective: The objective of this research is to assess the cure rate of Homoeopathic remedy Arsenic Album in 1M potency in Major Depression. Design: It is a cross-sectional Qualitative & Quantitative research work.  After history taking of 200 patients of Major Depression... Read More

Public Health Professional

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Research Scholar and Public Health Enthusiast

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