Helpin Hands for Children

  This page is source of Education special for poor children who’s parents cannot afford Education expenditures. But they want their children get better education. Like those children who are getting Education in English medium high standard school.So we decide to help them through this page. Its our request all of you please donate for our future bright stars.   PAGE... Read More

Philosophy of Homoeopathy

Introduction CENTRAL IDEA OF ORGANON: Central idea of Organon is that……… “The highest idea of cure is rapid, Gentle, and Permanent restoration of Health by the complete removal and inhalation of the disease, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way on easily comprehensible principles…………..”. DEFINITION: ……….Individualization is a process of singling... Read More

Homoeopathic Case Taking

HomoeHOMOEOPATHIC CASE TAKING PERFORMA Introduction and Contents of the Book RECORD-KEEPING It is important that you must read this before giving record: I try my level best to cure you with proper care. As it is just to inform you that in Homoeopathy it is necessary to select a best remedy for you, I need your full co-operation and support. As in Homoeopathy remedy selection... Read More

Psychiatry and Homoeopathy

Psychiatry and Homoeopathy CONTENTS OF THE BOOK This book is a masterpiece for the readers and for those who have interest in Homoeopathic Science. It is a fact that the Homoeopathic is a 2nd largest method of treatment. So this thing encourages me to write this book, as in this book I explain the Psychiatric Disorders with their Homoeopathic treatment. Even in this book I included... Read More

Rapid Review of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Rapid Review of Homoeopathic Pharmacy August 2009 at International Level  Read More